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RC Maker have introduced their new adjustable electronics mounting plates for most of today’s 1/10th electric touring cars. The floating brass mount with central attachment allows for fully floating electronics with absolutely minimal flex interference, giving symmetrical flex, which is not possible in conventional layouts. The plates make it incredibly easy to swap chassis plates, as electronics stay fixed to the plate, making it only two screws to swap all electronics over, without messing with tape. The unique design is making it very easy to swap between chassis manufacturers and try different plates all without having to buy entire new kits while offering left-to-right chassis balance adjustment. Different fastening inserts allow for even greater versatility without the need to buy a whole new set again. Same with changing to different plates and centre weights, they are all compatible with each-other. Beside the double-sided design, RC Maker also offers a single sided set with 4mm of adjustability left and right to adjust the balance bias of the car. Used for the electronics only it allows to tune the chassis balance, and also move weight in or out both sides to adjust the amount of roll in the chassis depending on the traction level. In addition to the brass double and single-sided sets, RC Maker also offer the brass plates separately to conversion double into single and single into double-sided designs. Optional carbon fibre option plates make for reduced overall mass if needed while an optional +10g centre weight adds further weight tuning options. Supported cars include the Yokomo BD8 and BD9, Xray T4 2017 to 2019, Team Associated TC7.1 and TC7.2, Tamiya TRF419X, Awesomatix A800X, Infinity IF14, Xpress XQ1, Mugen MTC1 and ARC R11’19.

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