CWIC End Of Season Report

The Chippenham Winter Indoor Championship took place over 4 meetings, 8 rounds and 2 venues between October 2018 – March 2019.

Rounds 1&2

Starting at the Christie Miller Sports Centre in Melksham, shortly after building new A800X Evo cars, the team made a great start to the championship.  Despite a tricky qualifying, still working on a setup, new team drivers Jonny Bowden and Merv Wignall came away sitting 1&2 respectively in the Pro-Stock championship.  One standout performance from this meeting was Liam Hammond qualifying his mid motored Evo on the front row.

The CWIC then had a 3 month hiatus, giving everybody a chance to work on some setup ideas at club meetings around the country.

Rounds 3&4

The championship then restarted at the Olympiad Leisure Centre in Chippenham for rounds 3&4.  There is a good size main hall with viewing gallery and is also a very warm venue, which was a welcome change for many CWIC regulars.

The Awesomatix cars showed great pace, with Merv and Jonny again at the sharp end and Shaun Batt making the A at his first meeting of the season.

The 2 6K drivers managed to stay in the lead of the championship, the 1-2 order being reversed with Merv now leading Jonny. 

Rounds 5&6

Were something of a demonstration for the 6K team.  Setups were now dialled in and the cars were working exceptionally well. Jonny and Merv qualified within 0.1s of each other with around a half a lap advantage over the rest of the field.  When the finals were finished, the championship standings remained the same, with Merv and Jonny 1st and 2nd in the standings with 1 meeting left.

Rounds 7&8

Prior commitments meant Jonny couldn't attend the last meeting of the series, but that didn't stop 6K locking out the front row of the grid.  This time it was Merv from Shaun on the front row.  In the first final a backmarker cost Merv some time allowing Shaun to take the win.  The second final went to plan and the 6K drivers took another 1-2.

This meant that Merv took the championship win on 595 points with Jonny 2nd with 590 points in the highly competitive Pro-Stock class, a great way to kick off the year.  Focus now turns to outdoor racing for the National Championship campaign.




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